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For what a person lives, what is the meaning of human existence? This is the problem over which the Nobel laureate, the Russian writer IABunin, reflects in the story «Sir from San Francisco». (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

For what a person lives, what is the meaning of human existence? This is the problem over which the Nobel laureate, the Russian writer IABunin, reflects in the story "Sir from San Francisco".

Why and why live? This is one of the most acute issues over which the philosophers, writers, and poets have argued, argued and will argue. They were interested in both Socrates and Berdyaev, both Homer and Gumilev.

Ivan Alexandrovich Bunin, drawing his nameless hero who achieved a miserable goal, earned a million and went to a prestigious and expensive trip to Europe, depicts an American as a colorless, prim and indifferent person.

The author, in my opinion, feels sorry for this strong old man, but, sympathizing with him, Bunin unequivocally condemns the hero. Life without meaning, a journey without purpose leads the gentleman from San Francisco to an unexpected tragic end. The author proves that the pursuit of money not only kills the hero of the story of individuality, but also does not allow to find that goal in life, to which a person desiring to leave a mark on the earth is bound to strive. Nothing after the death of a millionaire does not remain in the memory of people.

I share the view of IA Bunin: life without a goal is an empty existence. As an example, I will bring the heroes of Maxim Gorky's story "Old Woman Izergil". Larra, the son of a woman and an eagle, indifferent, proud, hating everyone around, living only for himself. He, who has done no good to anyone, remains in the memory of people as a symbol of a meaningless, purposeless existence. Another hero of this story, Danko, lives and dies to save people. He does not regret anything for them. At the most terrible moment for the tribe, when the question of life and death is being solved, Danko, tearing his chest with his hands, reaches out his fiery heart and, lighting up their path, leads the tribesmen out of the "wretched" swamp.

Why live on earth if fate has sent you terrible trials ?! Here are the questions that many times, I think, asked himself a peasant from the Samara province, Grigory Zhuravlev, a hero of N.Mikhailov's essay. Gregory was born without arms and legs and was doomed to a miserable, animal existence. But even in his childhood he wanted to paint. And he began to write icons. In this I found the meaning of life for myself! Today his icons can be seen in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Kazan Cathedral of St. Petersburg, in other Russian churches, one of his icons was recently discovered even in Bosnia. And at the end of his life, Grigory Zhuravlev began to paint the church in his village. Tied under the dome, he lay for hours on his back and painted a centimeter by centimeter, holding the brush in his teeth. From inhumanly hard work, the back and neck were covered with bloody sores. Lips cracked. Bleed my mouth. But he fulfilled his destiny. The Destiny of Man on Earth ...

Thus, I can conclude that a person lives for the sake of other people, for the sake of the cause to which he devoted his life. This is the meaning of human existence.

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