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«Take care of mothers the way they care for us!» Is the problem posed by the writer A. Aleksin. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"Take care of mothers the way they care for us!" Is the problem posed by the writer A. Aleksin.

This question is undoubtedly moral. When mom is with us, we do not even think about what will happen when she is not around. We children do not always understand and appreciate the generosity and dedication, love and faithfulness that the mother gives us.

In his text A. Aleksin, urging readers to protect their mothers, convinces us that the mother is always ready to give the last, without which her child can not survive on the earth.

The author writes about the sacrifice of the mother's feelings, says that it is natural, but our readiness to resist the noble "irrationality" of bounties should also be natural. A. Aleksin reflects on the fact that now we sometimes too unthinkingly accept the victims of their mothers and that one day we will regret this.

I agree with the author's opinion that during life one must protect his mothers, speak kind words to them and do everything possible to thank the woman who gave birth and brought up you. How many examples does everyday life give us, proving that whatever a person is: a drug addict, a thief, a criminal, a murderer, and for the mother he is a dear, beloved child to whom she is ready to give not only the last piece of bread, but her life ...

In modern literature, there are many examples of the mother's selfless love for her child. For example, the story of our countryman Eugene Karpov "My name is Ivan." The mother's heart could not stand the betrayal of her son, whom she had been waiting for for many years. Mother was bitter and hurt that his son did not want to share his grief with her. And this grief and resentment killed her ...

Or a completely different example, proving that my contemporaries are good children. The hero of the story of Irina Kuramshina "Sons of duty" gives her mother ("jumping-dragonfly") her kidney. He gives without thinking that she does not seem to deserve such a sacrifice: the bad one was the mother. Maxim does not think for long, he made a decision: Rena - his mother! It must be saved! And that's it…

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