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The importance of libraries in the modern world (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The problem of attitude to libraries has always aroused heated debates. Some people are convinced that the library is a great place to get information. However, the others believe that libraries lose their value because there are many other ways to find the right literature. Let us speculate what makes them think so.

I can not agree with this statement, because libraries are still relevant in my opinion. Firstly, libraries are a suitable environment for studying something, because it is quiet and the atmosphere is motivational. Secondly, this place contains many books and encyclopedias on topics that are difficult to find on the Internet. Thirdly, in libraries you can take a book home, then return it and not spend your own money.

However, not all people share my opinion.

They suggest that there is a more convenient way to search for information is the Internet. Moreover, electronic books are more convenient than paper ones for which you also have to go.

Nevertheless, I do not support the above-mentioned ideas. One should take into account the fact that books in narrow fields are extremely difficult to find anywhere except in the library. The library is the most necessary place to find information among students.

All in all, I must admit that libraries lose their relevance among all readers, but are still important for people who need verified information in the field of scientific activity. Despite the arguments of various skeptics I am convinced that libraries will not be empty for a long time at least until a lot of trusted sources appear on the Internet.


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