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Destruction of culture that can destroy everything on Earth is the problem raised in the text by the famous Russian writer and publicist V. Rasputin. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Destruction of culture that can destroy everything on Earth is the problem raised in the text by the famous Russian writer and publicist V. Rasputin.

This moral question is very relevant nowadays, because it is fraught with the danger of two other threats: nuclear and environmental.

V. Rasputin, arguing what danger of the destruction of mankind: nuclear, ecological or the threat associated with the destruction of culture, is more terrible for the world, comes to the conclusion that the most pernicious is the danger of the destruction of culture.

In a certain sense, according to the author, it can be assumed that the third danger, that is, a violation of the spiritual and behavioral apparatus, will lead to the appearance of the first two.

I completely agree with the opinion of the author. The most destructive threat to humanity is the danger associated with the destruction of culture.

How else can we call it that recently in our country there have been recorded acts of cultural terrorism. On the Internet, I found information about the first such fact of vandalism. On the June day of 1985, on Saturday, in the Rembrandt hall of the Hermitage, they were left alone for a moment: Danae, a masterpiece of an old Dutchman, and engineer of a radio engineering plant from Kaunas. A liter pot with sulfuric acid, a wave of his hand, was snatched from under the floor - and now the paints began to boil and flowed to the floor ... A low bow to the restorers who returned the beautiful canvas to the Hermitage.

In Novaya Gazeta, I read an article about alleged progress in the field of culture itself, in particular, the growth in the number of films produced on screens, books, periodicals, and the dissemination of the principles of free enterprise to the field of cultural activity. But what is the quality of this very culture, that is, what is the impact of the mass cultural environment on the psyche, morality and human relations? In most cases, negative. Is this not an example of the fact that the threat to humanity, nuclear and ecological, is on our doorstep ...

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