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Is it possible to preserve a humane attitude to people in inhuman conditions - that is the question on which E.G. Makarova is thinking. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Is it possible to preserve a humane attitude to people in inhuman conditions - that is the question on which E.G. Makarova is thinking.

The author tells how the artist Friedl Dicker-Brandeisova, in the conditions of the concentration camp, in "hunger, cold, fear", "created a pedagogical system of spiritual rehabilitation ... through drawing": "taught the children the techniques of composition ..., invented for them performances from meager hut ..., acquainted them with the laws of color "scale.

Maybe the woman herself was not afraid? Probably, I experienced! But the children were even more terrible ... Ye. G. Makarova, bowing before the feat of the artist, admires her courage and philanthropy.

The position of the author is not difficult to define: a humane attitude to people can be saved in the time of dashing trials, being, it would seem, beyond the limits of human patience.

I completely share the point of view of the prose writer. It is possible and necessary to be merciful even in the most difficult moments of life. This is evidenced by examples from fiction and journalism.

On one of the Internet sites I found very interesting information about a woman named Irina Sandler. During the Second World War, Irina, being a German, received permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto as a plumber. She needed this post in order to save the children, whom she began to take out at the bottom of the bag for tools and to take out in the back of the truck. During her time, Irina managed to save 2500 children. She was caught; The Nazis broke her legs and arms, brutally beaten. But what is this pain compared to the feeling of satisfaction experienced by a humane woman ?!

Sometimes, tired to pay for everything everywhere, to help everyone, we say in our hearts: "Enough, I'm not Mother Teresa!". The most generous woman in the world, having nothing for her soul, had a huge heart. Small and fragile, she with perseverance endured suffering not only her own, but also strangers. Believed in despair and dying, they called the angel of mercy. Her feat was that in inhuman conditions she showed the world a love for mankind! So, for the leprous patients, who were many in India, she was able to organize a whole village, a system of treatment and rehabilitation. How many more merciful affairs on the account of this woman!

Thus, I can conclude that even in inhuman conditions people can remain merciful.


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