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It is necessary to fight for life! Here is the problem over which V.P. Astafyev. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is necessary to fight for life! Here is the problem over which V.P. Astafyev.

The author describes a case from life when he, walking in the woods, saw an unusual stump on which "hylenki sprouts of fir-trees huddled", obviously doomed to death. With surprise, the writer observes that among them was a small fir tree, very different from the brethren in its cheerful and even defiant appearance.

She obviously was not going to wither! Herringbone fought for life! VP Astafiev says that when he "gets hurt from memories of those who passed the war, " he simply thinks about this little Christmas tree, and it becomes much easier for him.

The author believes that the one who does not fight for life does not adapt to the conditions of the environment, he dies.

I share VP Astafiev's position and I believe that one must always struggle for one's life, not to retreat before enemies, difficulties, illnesses.

Let's recall the fairy-tale of A. Platonov's "Unknown Flower". This work is about a flower that grew among stones and clay. He worked hard, overcame a lot of obstacles, to light up a living flame. And all because the flower really wanted to live! In his tale, Andrei Platonov says that one must work hard to live and not die, to shine with bright fire and to call to others in a silent voice of the joy of life.

But if flowers, plants so struggle for life, then people simply have to be an example in the battle for every minute lived.

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Let's remember the hero of the story of D. London "Love of life", wandering around Alaska in search of gold. The guy dislocated his leg, and his partner Bill throws him: after all, the weak can not stand in the battle for life. But the character D.London still survived! At first he believed that Bill was waiting for him at the hiding place with gold. And this hope helped him to go, defeating the terrible pain in his leg, the hunger, the cold and the fear of loneliness. But what was the disappointment of the hero when he saw that the hiding place was empty! Bill betrayed him again, taking all the supplies and condemning him to certain death. And then the man decided that it would come at any cost that he would survive, despite Bill's betrayal. The hero gathers all his will and courage into fist and fights for his life. He catches ptarmigan with his bare hands, eats the roots of plants, protects himself from hungry wolves and creeps, crawls, crawls ... And he will be saved! He will win!

Drawing a conclusion, I would like to note that the struggle for life is an important step in the development of each person. It is no accident that A. France said: "To live is to act!"

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