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Loneliness of the child in the world of adult people is the problem over which A.Likhanov discusses. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Loneliness of the child in the world of adult people is the problem over which A.Likhanov discusses.

The writer is filled with a feeling of pity and sympathy for the children who are in orphanages experiencing loneliness, lack of love and care, because "even the most attentive and kind teacher can not give the child that warmth that his mother and father would give him ...". A.Likhanova worries about the situation in families, when parents sometimes just do not notice, "that the child moves away from them, gets used to the fact that he is something secondary in their life, becomes more closed ...".

Determining the position of the author is easy enough: the child in the family and in the orphanage should feel the spiritual closeness, trustworthiness of the relationship, affection and care that are so necessary to him.

It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of A.

Likhanov. Indeed, madly sorry for children experiencing loneliness in the adult world. It's a pity that such guys meet not only in orphanages, but also in families. This was repeatedly written by famous writers and publicists.

So, in the story of Pavel Sanayev "Bury me behind the plinth" the narrative is on behalf of the boy Sasha Saveliev, telling the readers about the life drama of his family. Lost dreams, unfulfilled hopes, the cause of which lies in the moral indifference of adults, who were not able to make their lives and the child's life happy. Sasha has no friends, no toys ... A small mouse replaces all this. And when the mouse does not, the boy will understand what is the true loneliness of the child in the adult world.

This feeling and the heroine of Dina Sabitova's novel "Your Three Names" is familiar. Three names - three terrible destinies of one girl who passed a hell of a poor, half-starved life in her own family, in the orphanage and at foster parents. The result is sad: a girl, obedient and good, diligent and tactful, is doomed to loneliness.

Thus, I can conclude that every child has the right to happiness. Loneliness should not be the lot of children!


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