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Take care of nature with digital facts (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

See how beautiful the nature of the Earth is! The smell of a pine forest, the sun, warmly warming through the hats of trees, the chirping of birds - everything says to a person: "You are a friend! Enjoy my beauty, but take care of it. " However, people are accustomed to using nature for barbaric exploitation, in order to provide themselves with material comfort, unprecedented earlier.

The car will emit the same amount of carbon dioxide per year as it weighs itself. The emissions of vehicles contain about 280 harmful substances. Each inhabitant of the metropolis inhales 48 carcinogenic substances annually, while the number of such cities continues to increase. 1% of the entire surface of the planet is covered with asphalt. Our children will have to purge the Earth from it for centuries!

The destruction of forests not only disfigures the appearance of the Earth, but already affects the ecological safety of our planet.

The forest is a healthy atmosphere, it is the lungs of our planet. However, people do not hear their planet and continue to destroy it. The land is deprived of 11 million hectares of tropical forests every year - this is ten times greater than the possibilities of their restoration. By 2030, half the forests of the Amazon will disappear from the face of the earth. In Great Britain over the past 80 years, more than half of the forest has been lost.

The predator destroys to eat and will never take more than he needs. Man seems insatiable, he destroys more and more living organisms because of his vanity, money, and sometimes simply from inept management. Since the beginning of the XXI century only in Europe, about 17 thousand species of plants and animals have disappeared. The Earth each year loses 30 thousand species of living organisms. Annually 1% of the world's animals simply disappear from the face of the planet.

Forests and oceans are filled with garbage, for complete decomposition it will take tens and hundreds of years: paper - up to 10 years, a filter from a cigarette - up to 100 years, plastics - up to 500 years. Giant landfills have already formed in the World Ocean, consisting mainly of plastic: 1 in the Indian and 2 in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Every year, 1 million 100 thousand seabirds and mammals die from plastic debris.

Nature has no voice, but it has created people who have hearts and language to speak and feel. Man, hear the pain of your planet and its inhabitants! Save the biosphere of the Earth.


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