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In modern society «there is not enough love for children ... there is not enough filial, daughter love» - &񗜻&񗜻this is the problem over which A.Likhanov reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In modern society "there is not enough love for children ... there is not enough filial, daughter love" - &񗜻&񗜻this is the problem over which A.Likhanov reflects.

The author regretfully talks about the fact that today there is less kindness, mercy towards even the closest people. As an example to modern parents and grown-up children, A.Likhanov sets Janusz Korczak, a Polish teacher who worked all his life with orphans, patiently and selflessly loved children and died with them in a gas chamber.

AA Likhanov believes that the love of children and children to parents should not resemble the love of one's own property.

Harmony in family relations will come, in the opinion of the author, only when we make a step "from dislike to love, from ill-will toward kindness."

I share the author's point of view: love in the family should be self-sacrificing and patient, and then both children and parents will experience family happiness. How did the hero of the story of M. Sholokhov "The Fate of Man", Andrei Sokolov, have known him? During the war, he lost all his relatives, felt that his soul was strewn with ashes .... But one day Andrew on the postwar roads of the country met an orphan boy and decided to adopt Vanyushka. How much happiness he experienced after that! The act of the soldier says that love and the desire to do good give man strength for life, strength in order to resist fate.

The heroes of the story of Yuri Korotkov, "Gray-haired, " Alla and Oleg Petuhov, did not know such happiness. The cuckoo mother gives the children, smart and healthy, to the orphanage. Gives because she wants to get married again, to start a family. She does not care about what her affectionate domestic children will experience in the "children's menagerie" ... If this example from the story of Yu. Korotkov was unique in modern literature!

Recently I read the story of L.Kulikova "See", which caused a shock in my soul. For decades, the son did not have a mother, and when she arrived, she did not want such a son not only to forgive, but also to recognize ... As a sentence the words of the old offended woman sound: "Sons - they care about their parents, just as parents about them once baking ".

Thus, I can conclude that the lack of love for children and parents in modern families will disappear only when we take a step "from dislike for love, from bad luck to kindness."


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