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The relationship between man and animals is the problem over which Yu. Kazakov (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The relationship between man and animals is the problem over which Yu. Kazakov

The author, talking about how the old doctor once took a homeless blind dog to his house, washed and fed him, with a sense of respect for the owner of the house narrates about the relationship of man and dog. They were so used to each other that everyone felt the mood of the other. Especially Arcturus, who was very fond of the doctor and was his most devoted friend.

The author's position is simple: the relationship between man and animals must be built on responsibility.

Only in this case it is possible to achieve mutual understanding with the animal.

I completely agree with the writer's opinion. People should help animals, most importantly, they should not be indifferent: after all, the life of "our smaller brothers" depends on a person. And, taking the animal into the house, it is necessary to remember that a dog or a cat is not a toy, but a full member of the family. On this, the relationships between people and animals must be built.

Fighter Koshkin, the hero of the story of Yu. Koval "Scarlet, " raising a real border dog from a puppy, always remembered this. The result was not long in coming: the man and the animal became inseparable friends. And when, during the apprehension of the criminal, Scarlet received a serious wound, the fighter did not leave him for a minute and severely suffered the death of a four-legged friend.

In VF Tendryakov's story "Bread for a dog" it is told about a meeting in a hungry 30s of a boy and a skinny and shabby dog &񗜻&񗜻with empty eyes. Whatever the hero of the story does, the dog, "brought up by a hungry street, " could not believe him. She quickly grabbed the boy's bread and somehow sideways quickly left ... How much anger could be seen in people's lives from animals, so as not to believe in the disinterested actions of the boy.

Thus, I can conclude that the relationship between man and animal must be built on responsibility for the one we tamed.


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