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The spiritual connection between man and nature (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The author, telling the story of the birch tree, says bluntly that the beauty of a tree struck a man. The bearded lumberjacks passed the birch - they did not cut down, they just admired it and moved on. And the cut-offs, the screaming women, and the tractor drivers, and the girls who are piling up the heaps - no one indifferently passed by this beauty, no one raised his hand to this miracle! Here it is, the power of nature's impact on people!

The position of AI Pristavin is not difficult to define: between man and nature there is an inseparable spiritual connection.

I can not disagree with the writer. Indeed, each of us sometimes does not understand how close he is to nature, how much he is able to admire it, to appreciate its riches. Russian writers and publicists have spoken about this many times.

In the novel, L.N. Tolstoy "War and Peace" the main heroine Natasha Rostov is so delighted with the peaceful night landscape that she even forgets about sleep.

The beauty of the native nature is very close to the young Countess, in spite of the fact that she was brought up by the French governess. Not education, but the girl's soul dictates her love for her native land, Russian song, Russian fun.

In the story of VM Shukshin "The Sun, the Old Man and the Girl" it is told that the old man comes to the shore of the lake every evening and admires aloud the beauty of the sunset. How do we hear the words of an elderly person who describes in so great a way the beauty of nature, when we learn that he has not seen anything for 10 years! Does not see! But I have not lost my spiritual connection with nature!

I can conclude that centuries pass, and a Russian person, whether he is a rich countess, lumberjack or a blind old man, has a subtle sense of his connection with nature.

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