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The favorite nature of reasoning 2 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Favorite nature 4 class

My favorite nature is mine. That is, I love all nature, but it's so different!

Not only on the globe, but even in one country, in one city there is a very different nature. In our large country, of course, there is everything: from deserts to subtropics, from mountains to plains. So many different animals, plants!

In other countries, too, many interesting things. For example, we were in Montenegro, and there are only mountains and hills. And on one street you can see a palm tree, a birch tree, a spruce, acacia! .. Everything is mixed together.

I like the forest the most. My grandmother and I walked a lot in the forest. Could take thermos and sandwiches and leave for the day.

So beautiful in the forest in any season. In the summer, when there are berries mushrooms, autumn golden colors, winter frost and snow, spring streams and flowers.

I think people should not break away from nature altogether. Now sometimes in the cities there is neither a tree nor a flower. Some stones, plastic and glass. I think that even if people like this technology, they still suffer. In fact our bodies are animals. Like them without fresh air and greens? Although for the soul beauty of flowers, landscapes and the like is also important.

I also think that everyone should have a pet. () Well, if only an allergy to animals.) Of course, you need to keep it in good conditions, walk, take care ... But so at least a small connection with nature is preserved.

By the way, domestic animals themselves are cut off from nature. Artificially bred cats who never walked in the street, dogs that jumped off the bed, break their legs ... Such animals and health problems can be. You can not break away from nature!

People go to sports centers, they drink vitamins, but this is also artificial, invented. Nature knows best.

I think that you need to listen to yourself: the soul and the body. And you can only listen to them with nature. With the one that you like.


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