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Composition of the reasoning on the Wonders of Nature 2 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nature is diverse and unique in its manifestations. And, she is a fine artist and sculptor. The wonders of nature are her great creations. These include not only unique phenomena, such as the northern lights and a rainbow, but many others.

The simplest thing that can be observed by many and what can not stop to be surprised - frosty patterns in the winter on the glass. It's even familiar and ordinary. But, they are really very intricate and beautiful. Also, natural patterns can be observed on the frozen surfaces of reservoirs, consisting of cracks in the ice cover, which, too, if you look closely, is quite interesting.

And in the summer on the surfaces of small reservoirs you can observe natural "kaleidoscopes".

It is only necessary to choose a windless day and, finding a suitable place, to see in the flat and clear water surface a mirror reflection of trees growing on the shore.

Everything amazing can be found very close. It is not necessary for this to travel the world. Is not it a miracle cobweb in the forest, in which the dew drops lingered? She herself, and without these drops, is an amazingly correct and delicate lace woven by a small spider.

And what, sometimes, bizarre shapes there are trees! Sometimes it even seems that nature has set a specific goal - to create from it its next miracle. There are also famous for the whole world such trees, which grow not one hundred years. But, you can meet them almost everywhere, even if not so famous and not with such a respectable age.

Fanciful shapes meet both stones and mountains. And all this was created by nature. One of her amazing creations is natural minerals. Forming for a very long period, they are unique in their beauty. And such an amazing product can create nature, even from wood material. Time, however, it will also require a lot.

Nature loves and jokes with a person, creating visual illusions. Some of them even have legends.

A lot of wonderful natural creations are scattered all over the world, which does not cease to amaze and please the human eye. And, very often, this amazing is very close. Many of us regularly observe its miracles, even without giving it much importance. After all, everyone is accustomed to the rainbow after the rain. Everyone is accustomed to sunsets and dawns. And, meanwhile, all this is amazing and unique.


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