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The favorite nature of reasoning (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Look out the window! Perhaps you will see green crowns of trees or snow-covered branches, perhaps it will shine the sun or pour like a bucket of rain, but wherever you are and whatever season of the year there is, you always have a magnificent landscape of nature.

Here you look at these brilliant pictures, and in the head the question arises: "Am I part of all this splendor?". Scientists claim that society does not belong to nature, but is this so? Although, society as an organization may not be related to nature. And the man? A being that directly depends on nature, whether it is part of it! My answer: yes, yes, of course, is, I, of course, can be wrong, but I will try to prove my point of view.

Nature and man are very closely connected, nature feeds, clothes, gives all kinds of materials for building houses, gives paper for books, metal for making machine tools, this list can be continued indefinitely. We can not not be a part of nature, a part of the world in which we exist. And so it is doubly insulting that the word ecology began to be forgotten. We began to forget that we are part of the world called nature, and therefore, harming nature, we harm ourselves.

Someone will say that it is difficult to follow the ecology.

We can not give up factories, machines, etc. But we can follow our actions and follow very simple and familiar rules such as: throwing garbage into an urn, not past, not spending too much water, not bringing forest animals home ...

We can do all this in our power. But there are still ways to help nature, millions of plants and factories around the world are throwing millions of tons of waste. From factories and factories, we can not refuse. But at the moment there are cleaning filters. But here we are faced with another, very important problem, and the problem is human greed and greed. It is because of our greed that the pages in the Red Book are added, the water and air are dyed gray ... In our power to put filters and not bring trophies from the hunt, to recycle garbage, etc., but this, of course, is expensive and here greed comes into play. We think that we need money, but nature feeds us, why money is needed, if nature refuses to give us its gifts, then it will be possible to buy with this money, they do not need nature, it needs careful treatment of itself.

We are a part of the world called nature, therefore, on the occasion of our greed and greed and harming nature, we harm ourselves. And remember, nature is priceless


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