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Composition on the theme Wonders of nature reasoning 1 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Most people live without noticing how many beautiful things surround us. You need to have special qualities to see the beauty in simple things. If it's hard for you to see a miracle, just look around, most of the wonders are provided by nature. An indescribable northern lights, all of us from childhood a famous rainbow, endlessly mesmerizing starfalls, pictures of frost on the windows, all this is available to each of us, absolutely free.

All the wonders of nature have incredible proportions, uniqueness, strength and beauty that will always fascinate us.

One of the most striking examples of natural wonders is the northern lights. This beautiful riot of colors disappears as instantly as it appeared. It is rather difficult to explain the reasons for its occurrence, but it does not matter, the most important is what emotions this miracle of nature brings.

Another miracle can be called falling stars. And the earliest times, starfalls were forerunners of happiness, people were making wishes for a falling star, being sure that they would come true.

In fact, the stars are not falling stars, they are actually small fragments that interact with the air envelope heat up and glow, they are harmless and will not be able to destroy the earth, because their dimensions are small and the fragments do not burn up to the ground.

Unusually beautiful phenomenon can be considered a rainbow. From the very childhood, I know the rhyme "Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting, " these lines suggest in which order the colors of the rainbow go. One of the little-known facts about the rainbow is that if you see two rainbows, the second color goes in the reverse order.

Quite strange, but no less surprising phenomenon can be called rains from frogs and fish. In fact, the origin of this phenomenon is not fully established, most scientists think that such rains occur after a tornado, because fish and frogs are likely to enter this funnel.

The wonders of nature do not cease to be of interest to us, even if we know their way of appearing. Rainbow almost always can be seen after the rain, starfalls in August. If you want to enjoy really beautiful things, sometimes you just need to look around, because everything that nature has done is wonderful, undeniable.


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