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Walking through the forest (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

For a walk into the forest we went all class together with a teacher of botany. We had to learn how to collect the herbarium and learn how to distinguish different trees from each other. The forest is not far from the city and we went there by bus, drove to the last stop and walked a little further.

For the herbarium, we had to collect the leaves of only trees and shrubs. Not all of us knew even the names of the trees, not that they could show which tree is an oak and which is aspen. We know maple, chestnut and poplar well, because these trees grow in our schoolyard. But there are no such trees in the forest. And, of course, we all know the birch - for its beautiful white bark and black stripes on it.

We took with us to the forest reference books and textbooks to determine on them which leaves we will find in the forest.

On the trees, trees are distinguished. Of course, they are distinguished also by roots, and by trunks, along the bark, but we will study this later. Each of us hoped to find something special. But the teacher immediately warned us that neither the baobab, nor the rubber tree, nor the eucalyptus, we will not fall, no matter how hard we try, these trees do not grow in the Russian forests.

What we need to look for: oak, aspen, beech, elm, pine, spruce, birch, alder, rowan. The easiest way is to look for a birch - you can see it from afar. Pine trees can be easily distinguished from spruce: they are coniferous trees, they have needles instead of leaves, the trees have short trees, pine trees have long ones. The oak leaves are long, carved, too, with nothing you do not confuse. Rowan is easy to recognize by bright orange berries: in early September, when we were in the woods, rowan hands are already clearly visible even from afar. Our girls immediately rushed to collect ashberries to make themselves rowan beads, as in the song.

From the bushes we got raspberry - leaves in her fragrant, hazel, blackberries and dogrose. And we found an apple tree, on it grew real apples. We immediately rushed to tear and eat. But they were so tasteless, sour, tart. The teacher explained that this apple tree is wild, and not a garden apple tree, so the apples are not so edible. Here are the trees we learned in the woods for a walk.

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