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Lake in the forest (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Did you see the picture of Vasnetsov "Alenushka"? There the sad girl sits on the shore of the lake, and in the dark water the trunks of tall trees surrounding the lake are reflected? This picture I know from childhood. It hangs on my wall, because my name is Alyonushka. But I never saw such a lake, it was not necessary. After all, I live in the city. But once, in the summer, my father decided to visit his aunt in the Pskov region and took me with him. We stayed there for a week. Once we decided to go to the lake in the forest.

The forest was very beautiful, the rays of the sun were making their way through the leaves. It was a mixed forest, there grew both coniferous trees and deciduous trees. We left the lake unexpectedly: the path made a turn and a lake opened before us. It was large, round, as if someone had drawn its shape in a circle, and the water was as dark as in that picture. The sun was slightly hidden by the treetops.

There was not even a small breeze and the water was even, smooth, it shone like a mirror and reflected the sky and all the trees that surrounded the lake. In the middle of the lake, huge leaves and flowers floated. They were water lilies.

It seemed to me that Vasnetsov was standing at this lake when he was making up his picture. Dad suggested taking a dip, but I was a little scared to go into this dark water. As if this lake is from a fairy tale and it has some secrets and mysteries. But then I and my cousins &񗜻&񗜻decided to swim after all. The water was so warm and pleasant. We sailed to the water-lilies and tried to rip them off, but they were very tight with their long stems and we left them alone.

When we bought, we decided to go around the lake around, there was a path. We calmly walked and talked and suddenly something with a noise and splashing jumped out of our feet and began to fall into the water. It turns out that this duck family settled in the grass on the shore, and seeing us rushed to escape into the water. There was a mother duck and five small ducklings. They did not know that we would not harm them.

So I saw a real fairy-tale lake.


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