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Russian Winter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Winter always comes unexpectedly, cold sets in, and a lot of snow falls. Frost of Russian winter, quite different than in the south of the country. He can bind the earth in a few days, and the snow will cover it with his white veil, as if warming. Then, in cities, and in villages, and in fields, and in forests, everything becomes white. Even branches of trees, usually dark, and those from snow are white. Our Russian winter - it is with deep snow, with strong frosts, with beautiful intricate patterns on the windows. This winter it is necessary to wear warm clothes, shoes with fur, thick mittens, shaggy scarves and hats. But this is a real expanse for fans of playing snowballs, sledging and skiing. Winter sports are now available for all comers - hockey in the yard or city skating rink, skates, snowboards, skis, etc.

I live in the middle zone of Russia and I know firsthand what the Russian winter is.

We with guys usually get warmer and we find an occupation that we all like. In order not to freeze, we try to move more, play hockey, make snowmen, play snowballs. In the cold, our cheeks turn red at once, but we are not cold, we are constantly on the move. And the air in winter, just do not breathe. We help little guys to make a snowman in the yard, they do not get very good themselves. Then we cut out the blades in the snowdrifts in niches, in which we can sit for a while.

People are well in winter, even in severe frost, they can dress warmly, and he is not afraid of them. But the birds that did not fly away to warm lands in autumn, and the animals, squirrels, for example, do not really like our Russian winter. They are both hungry and cold. They are trying to find the grass, but it is already covered with snow, so we always go with the guys when we go for a walk in the park, we take bags with bread or seeds. So we feed the squirrels and different birds that stayed winter. They are not at all afraid of people, and whoever's arm will rise to offend these our pets. Such a severe winter is a test for them and many can not stand it, they perish.

In winter, nature is very much like a fairy tale. "The whole forest stands, as if crystal" - these words of the poet are very picturesque about the winter. Very many poets and artists describe the Russian winter in their creations: in paintings, works of literature, poems. Even the composers convey in their music the mood of the Russian winter. I always wanted to ride a triple horse drawn on the winter road. That's where you could feel the sharp sensation of a fast ride and frosty, so "tasty" smelling air.

Option 2

Russian winter often became the heroine of many works of creative people. Whether it's writers, poets or artists. No one could ever calmly pass by the Russian snowdrifts, snowflakes, frozen elegant windows and patterns on them, which drew frost every night. Everyone who has at least a little understanding of beauty has always admired the beauty of the Russian land and its winter. And although the winter was always a symbol of hibernation for nature, when everything around died away, even the water flowed more slowly under the ice, people still continued their vigorous activity, and it was in winter celebrated their most important holiday. Initially, it was Christmas, and then later, in its place rose the New Year.

Russian winter allows you to do many things that you can not do at any other time of the year. For example, skiing, skating and sledging. Jump from the roof in the snow, do the angels, ride from the slides and build snowy houses people love to do not only in childhood. Probably, that's why many like winter so much, because it allows you to go back to your childhood and with enthusiasm to sculpt a snowman or ride a roller coaster. Winter is a time of entertainment, a time of frosty frost, when it is impossible to go outside and the time of evening gatherings for a samovar.

Long since winter has been very loved by Russian people. It was a time of rest, since all work on the earth was always completed by that time and people could enjoy the desired and well-deserved rest with their family or friends. In the winter, youth gatherings were always arranged, where they sang, spun yarn and talked. Since it was cold outside, and walks would be out of place, young people gathered in bathhouses to avoid annoying their parents with their noise and din, as well as songs.

In addition, the Russian winter has always been beautiful, especially in the villages, in the wilderness. Only there it was possible to find deep snowdrifts and pure white snow. Russian winter has always been a long one, sometimes it brought misfortune, if people did not have time to stock up on firewood, but people always understood that it was due to such a snowy winter that flowers bloomed and trees blossomed in the spring. Snow protects everything from freezing and makes possible the beauty of spring bloom. Winter is always grateful if it is snowy, they say thank you and are happy with the snow, but still they are looking forward to spring to feel the warm wind again and get rid of the sheepskin coats and mittens, which are thoroughly boring for everyone in the long cold winter.


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