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A teacher whom everyone loves (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Teachers are different. There are those who dream of this profession since childhood, there are those who have parents as teachers, and therefore they also strive to work in this profession. And sometimes a person is just born a teacher, he is a teacher, a teacher, a tutor from God. This means that he not only loves children and teaching, but it also turns out to be extremely good and easy, as if he is in his place. It is these teachers who love their work and who love children, are successful with the students.

A teacher is a very complex profession, it requires that a person has many rare characteristics that also increase with time. To children loved the teacher and his lessons, it is not enough to know his subject well, to love him and understand him.

It is very important for the teacher to convey his knowledge to the student, to interest him, and if he is interested, be prepared for a multitude of questions. This implies another quality that every teacher should have - patience. Without patience, it will be very difficult for a person to teach others. After all, not all children understand the first time, some do not understand the second. And if they get angry, they just refuse to understand anything, they will close their minds. Therefore, the teacher needs a lot of patience and understanding.

The ability to explain well and understandably, as well as patience and love for your subject matter, are very important, and by engaging students, you can achieve peace and a good working atmosphere in the classroom. But sometimes in order to work well and smoothly, a little rigor is required.Each teacher should be able to keep the class in order, because the children get tired very quickly, they want to run around, play or talk about other things, not about physics, chemistry, literature and mathematics. Of course, if the teacher is good and interesting, many will forget about the other and will listen carefully. But in each class there are hooligans, with whom one must strictly show rigor, otherwise they can feel complete freedom. Of course, rigor should be justified.

That is why, in order to become a true teacher, you need incredible willpower, wisdom, patience, understanding and love for children. All these qualities, as well as many others, together constitute the identity of the true teacher, who remains a teacher even when the lessons are over, and he leaves home from school. He continues with his example to show what is good and what is bad. At the present teacher, words do not disperse with business. That's why children love teachers like that. Children are very sensitive to untruth. And if at school the teacher says one thing and does the other, he will not have success with the students.

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