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School life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every day I, like many of my peers, go to school. Visiting gymnasium is formed for us not only from the presence of lessons, answers from the board or writing tests, but also from gay communication with friends.

School life is the whole world that surrounds the students. Sometimes it is incomprehensible not only to our parents, but even to teachers who seem to be in it together with us, but still look at many things differently.

Every morning I pick up my backpack and go to classes. As soon as I enter my gymnasium, I hear the noise of children's voices and the cheers of my friends, then I immediately immerse myself in this atmosphere with pleasure.

The most difficult subject for me and for my classmates is chemistry. Coming to this lesson, we know that a strict teacher, Nikolai Petrovich, will definitely summon someone to the board, and therefore we lower our heads as low as possible, trying not to meet the eye with the teacher.

Fear is replaced by joyous relief, when it is necessary to respond to someone else.

The long-awaited change. This is the best time to tell comrades about what a wonderful movie I saw yesterday at the cinema or boast of a new gadget.

Before I finish my story, I usually continue it in other lessons. Teachers make comments to me, and I sincerely try to focus on the subject, but I so miss my friends that I just can not refrain from talking to them.

Physical education classes, a visit to the school canteen, concerts in the assembly hall - all this is also an integral part of our school life. At such moments you can really relax, have fun and remove the accumulated tension.

In such a wonderful world, I am almost every day. I really love my gymnasium and my friends and, I hope, teachers will forgive me that sometimes I'm not too diligent.


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