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My favourite clothes (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

About twenty years ago, all students of schools in our country went to classes only in the same school uniform. In 1990, it was canceled, and already schoolchildren could wear what they want, going to class. Today, most schools again return to the school uniform, the same for all.

We spend quite a lot of time in the school walls and therefore the form is our daily clothes. I personally, like it. It has a certain, its own severity. Clothes, like a second skin. She can tell a lot about a person. As for the form, it is largely disciplined, because in school we do not go for a walk, but to get knowledge. Another plus of such clothes is its cost, not all parents are able to put the child on every day in different outfits, and the form gives an alternative opportunity.

The schoolboy, neatly dressed in uniform, looks very good, even if the family has financial difficulties. He will not stand out much among others, and this has very great psychological significance for the teenager. There is no social inequality in school, it seems to me, it should not be. Well, the everyday question "What to wear today?" Is automatically removed.

I have many other clothes besides school uniforms. The most favorite, perhaps - it's jeans and different topics and T-shirts. I do love such a sporty kind of clothes. It is convenient everywhere: you can go to the store, to the library, to your girlfriend, just take a stroll along the embankment. But as far as dresses are concerned, I pass it. It is possible that I have not yet grown to the correct understanding of the beauty of clothes, but so far I am very comfortable and comfortable enough.

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Mom tried to buy me a dress. Yes, it is very beautiful and quite expensive. Maybe when I grow up and wear evening dresses, but while my clothes suit me, and my mother does not argue with me. She says: "Everything has its time." Mom, of course, is absolutely right, it means that it just has not come yet for me. As for my shoes, at school - it's shoes without heels, and at other times (except in winter, of course) - it's sneakers.

In winter I like to wear different jackets with hoods, they are very comfortable and warm. Here are coats to me, why do not I like them, I feel awkward in them, or what?

They say that the taste is formed from childhood. So, judging by the photos, I was very fond of dresses, and now, probably, changed my preferences. Mom says that in me now "sitting" adolescent rejection of adult advice. Maybe. I think that as soon as I "grow up", I will dress as fashionably, stylishly and beautifully as my mother.

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