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My favorite toy (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

If you recall my childhood, which is associated with memories of toys, my room, the friends that come to the fore a large number of soft toys. As a rule, these were different little animals, from elephants, Hippo, donkey, parrot, foxes, cats, and the last a large number of different sizes of dogs. Why did I love them and still love the most. One of these toys all the time with me in the room - it was given to me by my godfather when I was just born. This dog is very large, it is now I lay on the couch, I said to her very much used and translate it with you for the third time since we moved three times already. First, parents left their grandparents (we all lived together) in a one-room apartment. Then we have bought a new, three-room apartment, modern and more spacious With us moved and my favorite soft furry friend -.

Tuzik. I have a lot of children's pictures, my dad likes to take pictures. So, almost in all the pictures, I'm definitely with my favorite Tuzik. My mother and I wash it in a washing machine, so there is a constant care. He is always white, fluffy and clean. I have a younger sister, she always wants to pick up a toy that my favorite, I'm not greedy, but it seems to me that if I give it, it thereby betray his friend. So she can play with him, but then he still "sits down" to his place in my room. When I was very young, I even slept with him in an embrace. Probably, I even shared with him my little children's secrets.

Now I'm grown up, I have a lot longer toys and educational games, but always Tuzik is near, as it were, "keep me." For the birthday, different gifts are given again, but such, as mine, already, probably, do not even let out. Now I have a computer, this is also my favorite toy, but it is more intended not for games, but for lessons. With the help of this smart machine I write essays, looking for something interesting in history, biology and other school subjects. I'm very attracted to my computer to communicate with my friends on the Internet. I now have a lot of friends in Odnoklassniki, where we can discuss different topics with the guys. You can ask a question and you will be immediately answered, now even the phone is not so often used for communication. Quite a large part of my free time and home affairs of the time, I have to study various computer programs. I already learned how to create video, work with photos and records with music. I have many friends with whom we correspond and communicate in skype. It seems to me that this toy helped me in choosing the future profession, I want to be a programmer.


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