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My favorite flower is lily of the valley (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Our land is covered with a lot of plants. They need people for normal life. And there are plants that give us aesthetic pleasure - these are flowers. They are truly masterpieces of nature, which you can admire and admire their beauty.

They say that a favorite flower can describe the character of a person, his preferences and life principles. Naturally, how many people, so many opinions, so everyone's preferences are different. Someone loves classics - roses, someone prefers something unusual, for example, blue chrysanthemums, irises. Who likes the original flowers: gerberas, orchids, hibiscuses, etc. I really love the gentle spring lilies of the valley.

In my opinion, lily of the valley is a miracle of nature. Small snow-white bells, located on a green thin stalk between wide leaves, resemble bell-shaped bells, it seems, will touch, and they will tingle, notifying about the onset of spring. His leaves are like the long ears of a hare, for which the ears of the hare were nicknamed in the people. Despite the small size, lilies of the valley smell unusually, their sweetish aroma turns their head, it can not be compared even with an expensive perfume. Lily-of-the-valley forest plants, they grow under the light shadow of trees, as they prefer coolness. However, lilies of the valley can grow in our gardens, they were "tamed" back in ancient Egypt, where they loved this delicate flower. It is also important to note the healing properties of the lily of the valley. Tinctures from the flowers of the lily of the valley normalize the heart activity, even the lily of the valley is fortifying, improves blood supply, diuretic and soothing. However, this plant is poisonous, so before using it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, these wonderful flowers are listed in the Red Book, as there are very few of them left on Earth. Since in the midst of their flowering people often go to the forest and break off the lilies of the valley in pursuit of profit, they sell them on the streets of the city, and others buy them, wanting to fill their house with a gentle fragrance of spring. I want to call people, be prudent and do not destroy this magnificent creation of nature.

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