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Summer joys (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We all love summer. In the spring, as a rule, we take off calendar sheets from my grandmother in the room, put a check mark on our desktop calendars and wait, we will not wait, but the code will come. For schoolchildren, summer is, first of all, a long vacation. Even if there is no heat, it does not matter. By the summer joys can be attributed to the warm sea, where we will necessarily go, juicy fruits that ripen at this fine time of the year, light and open clothes, in which we dress as the sun warms. If earlier the summer was associated with a strong heat in the cabinets and apartments, now everyone is saved by air conditioners.

But the most important thing for me at this time of year, not even the sea and the sun, but long, three months, vacation. You do not need to wake up early and run to school.

No lessons to cook, you can just have fun with your friends. These months I consider the best in the whole long year. The summer has its own unique colors. It's nice to admire the lush greenery of grass and trees, the golden sunshine of the sun, the bright blue sky I have in different clouds. And what a beautiful summer field! Many colorful spikelets and flowers can be seen here. In the gardens, dark blue plums, orange apricots are sung. A strawberry with raspberries themselves ask in the mouth, eat - I do not want.

Every summer we go for a couple of weeks on a vacation at sea. I always admire his colors, which there just is not. At any moment, the sea surface can change its color, it can be transparent - blue, then dull brown, with lambs, calm, but in any form it is fine. "This year we were in Gelendzhik, there is a very beautiful bay. And the whole city, like a horseshoe, lies around her. In this resort town is especially beautiful in the summer, it is said by all the locals. In the winter, he calms down and falls silent. Around the whole city stands Markhotsky ridge, it is not very high mountains. If you climb the cable car to one of the peaks, you can see the whole city in all its glory. A large number of snow-white yachts in the bay, many kilometers of beaches with tourists resting on them, is a very impressive sight, especially from above.

And I really love the summer rain. You can jump on puddles, not afraid to get cold. And what a rainbow after the rain, just a feast for the eyes, there are so many colors in it! Last summer we fell into a severe thunderstorm. At first it was just very stuffy, then the sky was covered with dark clouds of different shapes, somewhere far off the thunder was heard. Immediately after them flashed lightning, first one, then another. The downpour passed very quickly, the air became fresh and pleasantly smelling of ozone. And suddenly we all saw a rainbow together, like a bridge across the sky, illuminated us with its unusual colors. The sight was just like a fairy tale.


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