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Early summer (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The beginning of summer is different. Sometimes summer comes completely unexpectedly, and even in early May. Just yesterday, the cool breath of spring was felt, and today the real summer reigned! Sometimes summer is gradually, insinuating: day by day it gets warmer, the weather improves, from heat passing to real heat. And sometimes the summer is late, and on the calendar is already the middle of June, and the weather does not want to please with warmth, continuing to keep spring restraint.

There is a charm in each of the possible options. The stormy start of the summer season is a powerful charge of optimism and cheerfulness. Once on the street you can go out in one T-shirt, you immediately understand: here it is, summer! Around the riot of nature, luscious greenery, luxury saturated with sunlight. Without long forewords, immediately from the coolness - to the heat.

And you start to look at the reservoirs, deciding whether to swim. You start looking for stalls with ice cream and barrels of kvass. And the soul becomes warm and happy: the summer has come!

When the summer is insinuating and unhurried, the soul is filled with longing: when will it go to full strength ?! Every day we open weather forecasts and see what awaits us tomorrow. As soon as weather forecasters predict a temperature increase of up to twenty-five degrees, a smile appears on the face. Here it is, finally it was! Very soon it will be possible to enjoy all the charm of this season.

Finally, when the summer period is delayed, many find it to their satisfaction. After all, heat is not liked by everyone, and most prefer to hide from the sun in the shade. Therefore, a gentle, affectionate summer without a rapid start - the best option for those who like comfortable weather. The absence of stuffiness and heavy heat, pleasant warmth and a positive mood, all adjusts to the major harmony.

It is always a human nature to expect something wonderful. The summer season is not an exception. When summer is approaching, we always expect from it magic, joy, positive and all the best. A turning point, when May warm days can already be called summer, is one of the most remarkable periods of the year. Almost like the New Year, only not cold and snowy, but warm, hot and some kind of resort.

Shcherbakov June in the suburbs

(In the picture BV Shcherbakov's "June in the Moscow region")

We hope to have a good rest, gain strength before the labor year, spend the next summer with benefit and pleasure. When it is just beginning, it seems that it will be so long, for three months! Later, at the end of August, we will look back and think: "how quickly it flew ..." In the meantime, everything is just beginning, and joyful anticipation fills the soul.

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