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How I spent my summer (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The summer of 2019 was unfortunately far from good in terms of weather. Most of the days were rainy, windy and, which is much worse, very cold. It didn't feel like summer; it felt like early or sometimes even late autumn, but definitely not like normal summer.

Of course, such weather made everybody sad and upset. Sure thing! People struggled through dark and frosty winter days hoping to enjoy a beautiful summer, but what did the get in the end? Two autumns in a row. That's just dishonest.

But I tried not to let the bad weather ruin my plans. Although I wasn't able to go to my village due to some unfavourable circumstances, I decided to make the most of my summer holidays no matter what.

As it turned out, there are lots of things to do when you stay in town. First of all, I spent pretty much time making up for some gaps in my education.

For example, I'm not very good at such subjects as Physics and Chemistry: I often get rather bad marks in those subjects, and that makes me feel stressed. One more subject that I paid more attention to during the summer was Literature. I cannot say that I'm very much interested in authors' biographies, peculiarities of their style, etc. But I have always found it extremely exciting to read books as such. To me, reading is a way to escape from this world for a while and even create a world of your own. It is simply amazing how a pile of paper that you're holding in your hands can get you travelling around the most mind-blowing places of our planet (and beyond too!) and meeting extraordinary people there.

I also spent much time playing computer games. I know that many people think computer games to be just a waste of time. But I stick to a different point of view. According to the latest scientific articles, high-quality computer games help people develop their brain – they can improve strategic thinking, memory, imagination and so on. Moreover, while playing computer games you always learn something new – for example, historical dates, outstanding persons in different spheres, various places of the world, etc.

To sum up, my summer went rather well despite the terrible weather because I managed to find very useful things to fill my schedule with.


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