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the Internet (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The Internet is a means of interaction between users, the transmission of information around the world.

Today I can not imagine my life without the Internet. Although just a couple of years ago, we did well without him and only heard of his existence in computer science lessons. But in recent years, technology has been developing at great speed. And for some 20 years, by historical standards, a very short period of time, the Internet has become an integral part of our lives.

No wonder the Internet is called the World Wide Web. He, like a spider, entangled the whole world with his tenacious cobweb. At the current moment, it is everywhere: in factories, factories, schools, in the government and at home, almost every person. Initially, such a system was created as a secret military communication line, so that they could transmit different information to each other.

But the idea of &񗜻&񗜻communication without barriers appealed to inventors, they started experiments, as a result of which they realized that computers can work together, transfer data from one to another, and extract information. Since then, the history of the Internet has begun. He acquired wide distribution at the end of the 20th century.

To date, the Internet can be called, as well as the most advanced technology, which greatly facilitates human life, and a big disaster. Internet connects people at a distance, they can see each other through a webcam, talk through social networks and all sorts of applications. On the Internet you can find everything: from culinary recipes, to theses of serious scientists. People share their experiences, news, new developments, etc.

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Education and self-education were greatly facilitated. There is even distance learning and work. When students are difficult to get to the school they have the opportunity to study at home at the computer, and some people earn on the Internet.

However, in addition to the positive factors of the Internet, there are also pernicious. For example, computer games that can be not only developmental, but also dangerous for our society. Sometimes they can disrupt the psyche, especially the nursery. Recently, it is often heard that the child committed suicide or killed one of his parents because they were not allowed to play. Small children sometimes run into advertisements of an erotic or violent nature, go to sites of obscene content. Or by stupidity they are connected with terrorist organizations that recruit them for their own purposes.

I think special services should be created to control websites on the Internet in order to remove the "dirt" from the World Wide Web. And parents should be on the alert, letting their child alone on the Internet. Be careful and do not fall into the network of a clever "spider".

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