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Protect the environment (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We all love nature, but most of all have a rest there: to swim in rivers, in the seas, to go to the forest for mushrooms, to collect fruits from fruit trees, to harvest in the garden. Today's ecological situation makes us think about the protection of nature. We need to think about the future and not only our own, but also our children and grandchildren. Nature, although rich, can take revenge for negligence, rivers, forests, fields are polluted today. The environmental issue has become extremely topical, even in schools have introduced such an object as ecology. Teachers tell us that it is very easy to disturb the natural balance and how difficult it is to restore it.

Nature, in essence, is restored by itself, but this process is very long. That is why we must protect and protect the world that surrounds us with all our might. It is not necessary, caring about their incomes to exterminate animals, we will soon see them only in the Red Book.

Even predators that feed on other animals, and those in pursuit of prey do not kill more than they can eat. This phenomenon is explained by balance and harmony in nature. But a person can destroy much more and he needs more and more all the time. The result may be the extermination of all living things. Personally, it seems to me that if we all, but first of all, each separately, we will maintain cleanliness in our home, yard, park, then everything can change for the better. We must think about and stop destroying our Earth, because we all live on it and we need to make it so that future generations will see the beauty of our planet.

The whole world around us is very closely connected with nature.

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A living example can serve as its representatives, like plants and animals. From plants, animals receive oxygen, which they breathe, and animals can tolerate various spores for the development of plants and fungi. If anything is broken in this system, one of the two representatives may perish. We should be grateful to nature for the fact that we gave it all to us. After all, man is also a part of nature and destroying it, we can destroy ourselves.

The reality of today is that on any suitable place on earth, we already see the darkest cliches of human civilization. Every day increasing consumption, and also for the purpose of an unrestrained pursuit of profits, many careless producers turn a blind eye to many environmental negative consequences. They, as a rule, occur as a result of such irresponsible attitude to the ecosystem. It is very difficult to restore natural resources, and sometimes it is simply impossible. If we continue this pace, then soon the trap may close. This must always be remembered!

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