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Work of the soul (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A person should not allow his soul to be lazy, according to the Russian poet N. Zabolotsky, and I agree with him. Let's figure out what "labor of the soul" means.

This concept implies spiritual growth and continuous improvement. The spirit must be educated from day to day, becoming better and better. The positive qualities of the human soul, such as responsiveness, kindness, generosity, mercy, need to develop and strengthen, while eradicating the shortcomings that are present in each of us. We will not argue that man is perfect - everyone has shortcomings, whether it's greed, cowardice or greed. The only difference is that someone is reconciling with them, continuing to wear them in the shower, and someone is struggling to fight to become better. This is the real work of the soul, in my opinion.

Of course, getting rid of shortcomings is not easy, and someone has to fight this fight throughout life.

But what a person receives in return, pays for all the efforts spent. He becomes stronger, wiser, more confident, and this is confirmed by the respect and love of others.

The ancients said: "Through thorns to the stars." This, of course, is true, only after going through trials, having overcome obstacles and accustomed oneself to constant self-development, a person can achieve heights. The personality that has stopped in development will never succeed. Do not forget that just as it develops, it is capable and degraded. Stopping forward often means moving backwards. Worse than this, nothing can be, in my opinion, especially when a person has already achieved some results in personal growth, will be very sorry to lose this and start again.

I'm sure nothing in life happens without a reason. Any situation is given to us so that we can develop, move to a new stage or show what has already been achieved. Any event in our life is something that teaches us and our task is to understand what and learn this lesson in order to rise above ourselves and become a little better.


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