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Soul Forces (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What are mental powers? It is the ability to manifest those qualities that speak of us as a real person: strength of character, endurance, sustainability. These qualities help us cope with life's difficulties. If you have a strong spirit, you will be able to achieve your goal. Mental forces are necessary for man always, even in everyday life.

In the story "In the Taiga, over Lake Baikal" VG Rasputin, a small Sanya with the help of his spiritual powers survives in the forest and collects a good harvest of berries, doves. It was practically unworkable for a little boy. He had to climb through thickets of bushes, draw heavy branches and run around with a can filled with berries. But it's one thing to pick berries in sunny weather, and try to collect in the rain! Berry chokes, sticks to your hands. But this was a pleasure for the boy, which speaks of the strength of his character, diligence and endurance.


Field in "The Tale of a Real Man" shows us an amazingly strong person. The plane crashed and the pilot was thirty-five kilometers from the front line in the middle of the Black Forest. He walked, his teeth clenched, although his feet were shattered. Here it is - a real strength of mind! He spent nights in the woods, fought with a bear, but got to the front line, doing twenty thousand steps a day and eating once a day. He crawled on his hands when it became difficult to move his legs, rolling from side to side. Grandfather Mihaila picked up Meresyev and sent him to a Moscow hospital. Even after the amputation of both legs, the pilot Meresjev did not break down and was able to return to the profession! He overcame the pain, he learned to walk anew on prostheses. Most people would already have dropped their hands, but Meresyev, training every day, fulfilled his dream and began to walk, and later became a pilot again.

People who staunchly endure the blows of fate, always cause respect. Never need to retreat before difficulties, because life is one and you need to live it so that before death, do not regret the lost opportunities!

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