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The greatest victory is victory over oneself (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A person's life consists of victories and defeats. To achieve something, you need to act, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, fight with your laziness, shortcomings, try to get better. Victory does not happen without obstacles and failures, but the more difficult the path to the top, the more pleasant it will be to realize that you have gone through such a difficult path and achieved the set goal.

The theme of victory over self is often raised by writers in their works. A striking example of the victories and defeats of man was for me a novel by I. A. Goncharov "Oblomov." The protagonist of the work, Ilya Ilyich, by coincidence, becomes to his thirty-two years a lazy, inactive landowner, who only does what lies on the couch. As soon as he picked up the book, he immediately fell asleep.

He had absolutely no desire to live differently and to change.

Usually for such people, something should serve as a driving force, kick in the ass. For the hero of the novel, this power became love. Feelings towards Olga Sergeyevna Ilinskaya awaken in the semi-literate Oblomov desire to become better, he is interested in literature, he, by all means, wants to become worthy of his lover. But Olga demands too much from Elijah, the hero does not stand such stress and breaks, gradually parting with his love. Ilya Ilyich lacked self-control, strength of spirit and desire to defeat himself.

Nevertheless, the reader will take away an important lesson after reading the novel Oblomov. We ourselves are the heroes of our lives. We are now at the top or bottom, it depends only on us, on our actions and the desire to conquer ourselves every day. Even small victories over their laziness, fear and insecurity, training of willpower and endurance are already a good foundation for a successful future.


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