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Environmental problems. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Environmental problems have become the most crucial problems of humanity. For decades people have been trying to shorten the amount of wastes and created organisations that protect the environment. But much more problems exist and have to be solved.

Firstly, over polluted air. We use cars, planes, carries. Industry produces goods for billions of people. Our planer is overwhelmed.

Too much pollution is created. One of the best solutions for it was the Kyoto Protocol. It makes countries decrease the amount of smoke by using special technologies. Unfortunately, not all the countries have signed it. One of them were the United States of America. Nowadays about thirty percent of the world air pollution is caused by the United States. To solve this problem United States of America can be provided with a special bargain for doing it. Also, other countries can give the United States required machines and money for making plants and factories less harmful.

Secondly, shortage of natural resources is one of the most important problems. Such materials as iron, cold, copper, tin and others are commonly used by people, but unfortunately they are not infinite. Sooner or later we will run out of it. Humanity increases producing rapidly so the exhausting of the planet is just a matter of time. To prevent it we should think of recycling such materials as plastic and paper.

In a nutshell, people must think of our planet ad its future. It is us who can destroy it or save it. The main problem is an inability of superpowers to unite to solve these problems.


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