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Autumn and winter: Seasons description (Школьные сочинения)

The fact is, the year is divided into four seasons. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. All the famous poets have many descriptions of nature. They describe the golden days of early autumn, the first sweet flowers of spring, the frosty air of winter and bright sunny days of summer. We take it for granted that every season is thrilling and splendid in its own way.

Autumn comes in September and brings with it the harvest time. The days get shorter and the nights longer. It's a rainy season and the sky is very often overcast with heavy dark clouds.

ut the trees look lovely in early autumn. Some are still in leaf, some are yellow or brown, some are quite red. The ground is covered with a soft carpet of dying leaves of different colours.

They say autumn is the evening of the year when nature starts preparing for her long winter sleep.

To tell the truth, late autumn is less beautiful. It often rains heavily and if you are caught in the rain, you'll get wet to the skin. So you can't do without raincoats and umbrellas. Sharp winds tear the dead leaves from the boughs. The ground is covered with mud and the passing cars can splash you. The days are gloomy and the landscape gets rather dull. However, late autumn is still a season of rich harvests of golden grain, of ripe fruit and of fresh vegetables. So people are busy with harvesting in fields and gardens

If you are asked what winter months are, you are sure to answer that they are December, January and February. However in our parts it starts at the beginning of November and lasts till April.

To tell the truth, winter is severe in our parts and that's why we're obliged to spend more time indoors when winter comes. The average temperature is about 30 or even more degrees below zero. The most unpleasant thing about winter is that Sun sets early and rises late — especially in December and January. The days are short, the sky is often grey. The trees are bare, because bitter north winds have stripped them of all their leaves. Nature is sleeping and sometimes it gets rather boring until the first fall of snow. The first snow usually falls at night and there is nothing like walking when it isn't so cold and snowflakes fall to the ground and cover it with a vast white sheet. However, it's better wrap to yourself warm not to catch a cold

Nevertheless, winter is a very good time for sport.

oth children and grown-ups can go skating, skiing and tobogganing, play snowballs and make snowmen and they come back home chilled to the bones.

Moreover, the best and the most favorite holiday, New Year, is in winter. On the night of New Year everyone hopes and waits for something unusual. We hope that our dream will come true in the new year.


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