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The description of my family (Школьные сочинения)

Frankly speaking, it's impossible to imagine our life without a family, because it's the only place where all people are tactful, helpful, tolerant and respect each other, no doubt it's very easy to discuss everyday problems there.

My family isn't very large. It consists of a mother, a father, a brother and me, of course. We all live together in a comfortable detached house.

To begin with, I would like to describe myself. My name is Anton and I am in my late teens. I left school last year and entered the University. Now I am a first-year student. I enjoy learning foreign languages and hope to make a career out of teaching. I am always ready to have a good laugh, by the way. I am also a good basketball player.

My father's name is Sasha. He is in his mid forties. Sasha is middle - sized and well - built. His chestnut hair is short and his eyes are green. My father has got an oval face with fresh complexion. He is a pensioner now and that's why he prefers to spend most of his day doing tasks about the house, not watering the flowers and cooking, but repairing the house and pottering in the garden.

y character, my father is too talkative and energetic, while my mother is a pretty quiet woman.

y the way, my mother's name is Elena.

She is slightly younger, than her husband. My mother has got a steady job in a shop. After a hard day at work my mother relaxes in front of the television. She is a creative, reliable and versatile woman. To tell the truth, she is the sort of person you can always go to, if you have a problem. Elena is keen on reading and gardening and she is very proud of her wonderful collection of potted violets. They say, I resemble my mother in appearance, but take after my father in nature.

My brother is called Dima. He is 23 years old. He is a soldier, that's why he has got an athletic figure and broad shoulders. Fortunately, Dima has got a good sense of humor and I can say my brother is very popular with his friends at parties. Dima got married young. He and his wife live in a small village near Mongolia.

During the holidays we like to go on outings. This usually means going to the theatre, watching a local sporting event or a trip to the seaside.


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