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My house description (Школьные сочинения)

The fact is, everyone has a place to live. It may be a comfortable country mansion, a modest detached or semi-detached house, a flat in a block of flats or even a room in a communal flat.

I live in 66 Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. My detached house is situated on the main road not far from the centre of the city. I can say it's rather comfortable and well - planned.

It's a 3-roomed house. There is a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen in it.

Of all the rooms, I like the living - room the best. It is the only place in my house where I can see the rest of my family and share the events of the day with my relatives.

The spacious living - room is not too crammed up with furniture, and I suppose it's the heart of our house.

Here is a place for wall units stuffed with mother's books and a wonderful collection of potted violets. On the right there is a massive chest of drawers with a colour TV - set and a stereo system on it. Opposite the chest of drawers there is an enormous divan - bed. A coffee - table stands by it. In the very middle of the living - room there is a soft carpet, which makes the room really cosy. The windows face the south, that's why there is a plenty of light in it, by the way. Some weeks ago my mother bought pale red curtains to match the wall paper.

The other room, which deserves the attention is a kitchen. All the cooking is done here. You can also find a washing machine and refrigerator there. It worth mentioning, there are all modern conveniences in my house: central heating, air conditioning, electricity, double glazing, microwave oven and a telephone.

The backyard has a wooden fence with a gate in it. Here is a green lawn and a lot of flowers. There is also a vegetable garden, where we grows vegetables, such as potatoes, cabbages, onions and tomatoes. At the side of the house there is a garage, where we keep our car.

It goes without saying, the residential area is quite nice as there is a good transportation nearby, so our house is within an easy reach to shops and restaurants.


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