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Meet my family (Школьные сочинения)

Our family is not large as many families in our country.

I have dad, mum, sister and brother. We all live in a new light flat. It's our lovely place.

My father Nikita Sergeevich is 45 years old. He is tall and well-built man with short dark hair and green eyes. People say his eyes are very beautiful and wide open. He works as an engineer and spends a lot of time there. I proud of him. But my wish is to see him at home oftener.

He is calm and quite, while my mum is very energetic and talkative. It's true, they are different!

Her name is Maria Petrovna. My mum is a very talanted teacher of music. She can play the piano very well. Every evening, her sweet and tuneful music comes in my room. I listen to it with great pleasure.

She is always ready to help. Our relations are great. She is always interested in what I do.

I can always ask her for advice and tell her all my secrets.

My sister's name is Kate. Her appearence is perfect. She is blond with lovely blue eyes. She is really good looking girl.

My sister is three years younger than I am, but we are best friends, I think.

In addition, my brother Philip is five year older than I am. He is very intelligent and nice. Philip is as energetic as mum. He looks like my mum. Philip is fond of basketball.

My name is Sveta. I am 16 years old. I look like my father. Friends say, I am easy-going person. I'm sure that I'm hard working girl. That's why I always get only good marks at school.

As for me, our family is very united. Every day We love to spend time together.

In evenings, we play games or watch favourite sport programmers. All of us like to spend weekends out of town.

We often go to the village to visit our lovely grandparents.

We are happy when we're together.

I think it is important to have a good family. Family-is your castle. They're people who always protect you in any life moment.


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