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Employees finding letter (Школьные сочинения)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in order to attract more employees from different countries to our company. Our international company is expanding its office in London, therefore we have a need for new workers.

The company "Combotics and CO" I work for is involved in the construction, building, and testing of combat robots. We cooperate with leading companies of the world such as “3D

obotics” in Texas, the United States of America, and “Cyberdyne” in Tokyo, Japan. We have been developing new robots and machines since 2004 so today we take third place in the worldwide mortal robots’ market.

Our firm employs people from all around the world and provides a good salary for everyone regardless of the job they do. Every effort and benefit deserves its money. Even more, we have free breakfasts for employees in the canteen near the office which opens every morning at 5 o'clock and closes at 11 o'clock.

This canteen provides our workers with fresh fruits, sandwiches, tea, coffee, and other dishes, that you would find delicious and healthy.

Our company is searching for employees for a new office in London to design, build and test combat robots. Workplaces' cleaners, baristas for canteen and body guardians are actually welcomed too. We need patient, sociable, innovative, and industrious workers with a higher or college education who can work forty hours a week. For young employees, we also provide robot building courses in order to strengthen their skills and give them new knowledge and experience. We would also be glad to see women as programmers in our company, so it will defend their rights in society.

Those who want to get the interview to our international company have to come to our office on Grey street or send a personal summary on our website. All the information you can find on our company's website "Combotics and CO". It is "combaticsco. com". We are waiting for your response and smart and innovative engineers in our new office in London.

Yours faithfully,

George Dingman.


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