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SPEAKING PART 2 and IELTS Writing (Сочинение на свободную тему)

Which factors make service on a journey flawless?

To begin with, the contentment of a journey is a sum of numerous tiny things: the right place, chosen time, weather and, of course, service. I can’t but agree that flawless customer care plays a significant role, making each travelling more decent, memorable and easy. Given that, we should recognize which factors correspond to such a service.

In fact, in today rushing world we merely find time to truly spend it alone or with our loved ones that’s why, being on holiday we should not get distracted by the necessity to cook, wash the clothes, clean our room, and so on. Thus, the first signal that service is great when you feel free of any mundane routine and can devote all your time to yourself or relatives and friends, enjoying the cultural atmosphere and picturesque views. My journey to

elgium was absolutely breathtaking exactly due to professional hotel staff who saved me the time I could lose in long hours of cooking and washing.

The second factor is respect and attention from the hotel, train or whatsoever service that make you're travelling pleasant and comfortable (you do not need even to lift a finger).

My family have been visiting Turkey in the summertime after time but most of my memories are of the holiday we spent in a hotel called Titanic. All thanks to the magic of skilful staff: they as if followed each our gesture and read thoughts, everyone was smiling and time spent in the restaurant, main hall, parking areas was amazing.

To crown it all, many people do not pay enough attention to the service it deserves, though it is alone may make your journey unbelievable or ruin it. Such qualities of impeccable service as the ability to not care about annoying details and a friendly atmosphere to the guests will help you choose better holidays in the future.

Some are of the opinion that leadership skills can be learned while others feel that people are naturally born as good leaders. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

To begin with, management skills are necessary for everyone involved in the interaction with people, negotiation or teaching. It is often said that leadership is a learnable quality. An alternative view is that high flyers are born with certain characteristics that enable them to become great leaders. This essay will discuss both points of view and suggest that leadership competence could be acquired by anyone using the appropriate approach.

In fact, leadership skills can actually be achieved through proper training and effort. Firstly, there is a larger number of institutes offering training programmes helping those who are motivated to learn certain qualities required to be a leader. EX: Thus, strictly following presented rules through some trials and errors a person will pass these courses with the ability to lead others. Secondly, individuals who are shy and lack confidence can become winners in the leadership battles by learning the essence of good body language and pronunciation just from a few guidebooks. For example, I myself read one book by Dale Carnegie and started implementing his advises right away into my relation with people at university, touristic club and noticed the difference immediately.

However, there are people, believing that many individuals are born with distinct personality traits, giving them an opportunity to become talented leaders easily. From childhood, such people tend to be charismatic and persuasive, they always find the right word to motivate others to fulfil their requests and orders. In their opinion, Jeff

ezos has been always succeeded in making other people do what he wants that is why he built Amazon.

eing respectful to another point of view, I still consider that hard work beats talent because the latter is nothing without continuing practice. Armed with the right guidance and a mentor everyone is able to develop such qualities.

In conclusion, although some traits related to leadership are likely to be inherited, people are able to grow leaders by themselves. If a person has enough patience and determination the results will follow.


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