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IELTS Speaking the third part (Сочинение на свободную тему)

What kind of problems that people face in their local areas do you find the most significant?

To begin with, residents have to experience numerous social issues nowadays. In my point of view, noise from the neighbourhood is a concern I placed number one for the following reasons.

Primarily, everyone has a natural need to recharge one's batteries after an exhausting day at work and university but annoying sounds disturb our rest. For example, last Sunday I came home fatigued and hoped to recover while sleeping, however, a neighbour's dog was barking for many hours and spoil my refreshment. Secondly, hearing loud quarrels between spouses may undermine the health of sensitive and senior people. They are at high risk of heart attacks or insults. Finally, noisy dwellers with a lack of consideration are guilty of excessive irritability of other people damaging relations with their family members.

In a nutshell, nose from neighbourhood causing a mental, physical and social threat to a person is an issue I consider to be ranked the most highly, speaking about local areas.

What are the ways to become more eco-friendly in our everyday life?

In today rushing world there are good signs that people grow mindfulness about living more environmentally-conscious and you can also do it by following the next rules.

To begin with, it is significant to dramatically reduce plastic from your life to avoid it from poisoning soil, water reservoirs and natural habitats.

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Exchanging plastic bags and food containers on the leather bag and steel or glass boxes may help and will cut down your expenses on disposable times you purchasing. In addition, switching off the light when you are cleaning your death will decrease the amount of resources you consume and will minimize the harmful impact on nature manufactures provide offering you such services. Finally, there are various eco-friendly organizations you should be aware of to get useful advice or support ongoing environmentally-responsible in your life. For example, "Zero Waste" offers a special program and some valuable principles to strat the green journey very easily.

In general, to acquire an eco-friendly lifestyle it is important to be aware of how you relate to the usage of plastic, carrying out waste auditing, interact with nature and tightly follow rules including mentioned above.

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