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IELTS Speaking Part 2 (Сочинение на свободную тему)

What environmental problem does deserve immediate attention from world society?

The 21st venture was not only marked by great technological discoveries but, unfortunately, also by dramatic climate changes given birth to such a phenomenon as the greenhouse effect.

Caused by enormous emissions of carbon dioxide, the burning of fossil fuels and pollution from various other human activities, global warming has numerous negative consequences for the whole environment. Among them, there is a high risk of extinction of different animals due to radical changes in ecosystems and their natural habitats. For instance, according to the US Geological Survey, the planet could lose two-thirds of the worlds' polar bear populations by the mid-century as sea ice continues to retreat.

Needless to say, that people are live creatures and like animals, we experience the influence of global warming. The most amount of drinking water supply is kept into glaciers and we lose that valuable resource each second, while ice is shrinking.

Besides, various diseases freezer in it have aroused drastically for recent years and strat infecting more and more people.

To sum it up, it is vital to finally recognize the negative impact and cut down on using fossil fuels exchanging them with renewable sources of energy and decrease emissions from cars and especially manufacturing.

Then we will be able not to reverse but to low down the negative effect of warming.

What kind of social issues in your surroundings do you

consider the most important?

Noise from the neighbourhood is a concern that I rank the most highly in my vicinity for the following reasons.

Primarily, everyone has a natural need to recharge his/her batteries after an exhausting day at work or university, but annoying sounds make it impossible to get enough amount of rest. For instance, last Sunday I came home fatigued and hoped to recover while sleeping, however, the neighbour’s dog was barking for many hours and spoiled my rest. Secondly, hearing loud quarrels between spouses may undermine the health of sensitive and senior people. They are at high risk of heart attacks, according to recent medical findings. Finally, noisy residents with a lack of consideration cause excessive irritability in another person. That feeling worsens family relationships and increases the likelihood of divorce, as Statista. com puts it.

In brief, a noisy neighbourhood in our surroundings is a problem of scale number one because drastically influence the mental and physical health of people of all age groups.


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