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IELTS SPEAKING Part 3 (Сочинение на свободную тему)

Which effect of global warming is the most dramatic

from your point of view?

Needless to say, that greenhouse effect caused by climate changes, in its turn, influenced humanity in various ways. In my opinion, diseases spreading out at an alarming speed due to that hight temperature is deserved to be placed number one negative consequence.

Firstly, illnesses like malaria could be hard to control by existed medical terms as their circulation between population will rise as the average temperature will grow. For instance, exactly the hottest summer on record in South Africa in 2017 caused catastrophic death rates, according to data on the WHO website.

To add to this, ice glaciers shrinking in Syberia released in 2016, before that frozen an ancient bacteria called anthrax, which infected and killed a hundred people but continuing melting can increase that number for thousands.

esides, global warming is a reason for frequent flooding, water from whom is later collected for drinking needs due to lack of any clear springs, and etc.

In dry regions, such bacteria as cholera rapidly diffuses in dirty water causing a 90% death likelihood without using necessary medicine, which hard to find in many countries.

To conclude, the greenhouse effect has changed the way we were looking at curing diseases. Now it is time to figure out new principles to develop actual medicine to kill them and keep them from circulation in conditions of constantly rising temperatures.

How would you describe your surroundings, what positive

and negative features does it has?

If you asked me where I dwell, I would be likely to relate that place to the inner-city area, because there are not held special occasions or intense business activities. It is a usual residential area, where people including my family are used to living in a block of flats.

Needless to say, that each environment has its charming features. As for my area, there are numerous tiny parks, many sports facilities for an active lifestyle the most people try to follow today.

Nevertheless, my home settings tend to have some serious concerns. Firstly, people disrespect what opportunities the own mindlessly destroying street trainers, drawing on benches and stealing others right to enjoy the blessing of civilization. Secondly, you will be lucky if not hear a loud noise from the neighbourhood here for at least a few days. For instance, last week, 2 days in a row, someone was drilling walls and spoiled my ability to profoundly prepare for an exam.

Although it seems impossible to change one's behaviour, I am sure we can tackle mentioned issues by encouraging people becoming more aware of their actions by disseminating information in social apps, the Internet and news.


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