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Ecotourism is beneficial for local people and the environment example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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The question of whether ecotourism is beneficial for both local people and the environment will always be controversial. Although many people think that tourists are interested in eco-activities, others claim that such tourism will not be popular or beneficial.

In my opinion, ecotourism is a good thing to do. Firstly, we can reduce the number of people in popular tourist places such as Turkey or France. It will help to decrease car exhaust flames in these areas. Also, it allows locals to live calm life without tons of visitors. Secondly, ecotourism can open people's eyes to unusual places in the world. They can discover new places all around the world.

However, not all people are ready to share my point of view. They claim that people prefer traveling in popular places, so there is no purpose in going somewhere else if you have not seen the most common tourist attractions.

Moreover, it will leave local people without their job in tourist seasons.

I cannot fully agree with the statement above. Almost all of us have ever seen at least one of the great wonders. Even though you did not, it is a chance to choose a less trivial place for traveling because there are a lot more gorgeous places that have never been visited before. Additionally, locals live their ordinary life during the off-season, so I think they can get used to it.

To sum up, I believe that ecotourism is advantageous for both local people and the environment.

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