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Doing sport is essential for young people (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the topic of different kinds of sports remains in the limelight and open to discussions. Some people say that there is no better thing to take up than sports for youngsters while others disagree.

Personally, I reckon that sport must be a valid part of every young person. While doing a workout, human body boosts many essential processes that support a whole organism, make it stronger and immune to diseases. Speaking of sport benefits, I must also say that doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle prolongs life up to several months, what is just incredible!

However, other people claim that sport is not that necessary for youngsters as their main priority is studying to enter a university or to get a well-paid job.

To concentrate more on things that are truly needed in the future, student should not be distracted by activities that require much time resources.

I doubt the abovementioned opinion. Doing sports is a great way to decrease the level of stress that young people experience while studying, therefore it helps them to refresh their mind before new lessons.

To consider all I have said, these days sport is becoming a natural part of young people’s lives. I think that exercises must not be completely left aside just because they require some time to perform. Even 15 minutes-lasting workout per day can do a great thing as it supplies the organism with more energy to continue working or studying after all.


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