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Autumn/Fall (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

As you can see, there are four seasons in a year and one of them is autumn. Autumn months are September, October and November. Autumn brings shorter days, longer nights and colder weather. In fact, if spring is the morning of the year then autumn is its evening. Many people like autumn because they think that autumn is a pleasant season and we shall make everything clear about this opinion.

Early autumn comes in September and at this time nature looks at its best as most trees are still in leaf and we can see how nice leaves look when they change their color from green to yellow and red and it gets more colorful in the open air. In fact, everything around is greenish-gold. The weather is more or less pleasant because it is neither hot nor cold, so we can feel Indian Summer in its best. Nevertheless, sometimes it drizzles or may bucket down outside, that’s why people must not forget to take their umbrellas and of course be aware of puddles.

Besides, it is the harvest time because all fruits and vegetables become ripe, that is why the farmers are busy harvesting.

Besides, last leaves fall from trees whirling in their slow dance and the ground is covered with a soft carpet of colorful leaves. Frankly speaking, the birds leave for warm countries too that is why we can hear their farewell songs. Late autumn brings early frosts and heavy showers, the skies are overcast with heavy clouds and seem very grey. The temperature falls to 15 degrees below zero and people cannot wear light clothes anymore. In fact, in our parts late autumn is very cold just because it brings us little snow. Nature slowly falls asleep for winter.

I like autumn because for me it is one of the most beautiful seasons. In autumn, I enjoy heavy showers and dull weather.


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