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Leaf fall (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Such beauty, as in the autumn forest, you will not meet, perhaps, at any other time of the year. The trees seemed to be dressed in their festive colorful clothes, which only do not have the color combinations: cherry-red, golden-yellow, dark green. In all black or dazzling white you can see the trunks of different trees among this motley foliage. Each of them has its own unique shade of color. When there are only three months left: September - it is a Saami gentle, still like the summer, October - this one, like an artist - a landscape painter paints forests and gardens in different colors, November - already with cooler and rainy days and nights, then you need to have time to wander through the forest.

While there is still no snow, you can see so many beautiful things in it.

We often go all over the city for the weekend, who gather mushrooms, who are berries. Girls make themselves wreaths of autumn leaves and put them on their heads. Nature itself begins to prepare for the winter cold, this is a very romantic and beautiful time. Usually we leave, being guided by the weather. Because on sunny days in the forest is especially good. It's so interesting to watch the leaf fall, the leaves very carefully fall from the trees - the sight is simply fascinating. The sun does not warm in summer, but it's like air! It is already cooler, but very fresh and clean.

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The autumn forest impresses with its absolute silence. Only our voices and the rustling of leaves under our feet can be heard. They will cover all the grass that has dried and dried over the summer until the very spring. The autumn forest is very calm, as all the animals that inhabited it have already hid to prepare for the winter. High above the clouds, we saw flocks of migratory birds flying to the south. Such walks soothe and bring tremendous pleasure and rest.We still have plenty of time to fool around and lie on the fallen leaves, as if on a feather bed, because they are completely dry and do not make clothes dirty.

Here and there you can still find mushrooms, but if this is the purpose of walking, then it's worth going to the forest after the rain, taking a basket with you and a knife. It is necessary that there is a connoisseur of mushrooms, since these beautiful plants are both poisonous and false. They are looking for and find usually by raking a dry stick with leaves, pushed aside, and there's a whole family of sweaters or bunnies! They are very beautiful and different these edible, silent and nutritious forest inhabitants. Why do I need a knife? You can not pick mushrooms off the ground, you just need to carefully cut them. Then the stems will remain and next year you can confidently come to this place for new mushrooms.

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