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Autumn (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Autumn has come. The sun warms almost in the summer, trying to give the last unspent heat. There are almost no clouds on the blue and clear sky. Only the wind became colder and harsh, reminding that it was September already in the yard. Among the bright green, the first harbingers of autumn are already visible: yellow and red leaves. Soon they will fall from the trees and cover all the roads and paths.

Birds are already beginning to gather in packs, preparing for a long flight to the warm regions. They also hear from everywhere their cheerful laughter, chirping, which will soon cease until the new spring. The season of prolonged and stormy downpours has not yet begun, but the sky frowns from time to time.

Sometimes it rains on the ground, but the puddles dry up immediately under the last tender rays of the sun.

It gets colder in the mornings. The sky at this time is amazingly transparent, clean and high. It seems that the intensified wind dispersed all the clouds, scattered them around the far corners, so that nothing could stop the sun from giving us its warmth. Along with red leaves blush and berries. All shrubs as if specially embellished by the beginning of autumn. Berries of different sizes gently swing, attracting the attention of birds and small animals that make stocks for the winter. In the air, there is a special autumn scent: the smell of freshly mown grass, warmed earth over summer and ripe apples.

Nature dresses in bright autumn colors, trying to show off before the arrival of a black and white winter. It's like a farewell carnival, where the golden autumn seeks to show all its beauty. The speed and sharpness of hot summer leave, giving way to a degree of slowness and slowness, which is more in line with the present season. Even annoying insects, previously virtually elusive, are now beginning to fall into a hibernation. Their movements, slow and sleepy, do not let forget that autumn is already on the threshold.

But before the final colors become colder and fade, the last one will have to be glad of the last one from the warm season: the woman's summer. This boundary between summer and autumn is especially bright and noticeable. She seemed to have absorbed the brightest and warmest colors, combined the warmth and brightness of the summer with the slowness and comfort of autumn. At this time you can enjoy the last warmth and, under the rays of the already cold, but still warm sun, dreaming about the future hot summer.


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