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autumn (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

At the end of the new twenty-four hours, more and more warmer days are waning, early darkens, the sky is filled with gray and boring clouds. On these grounds, one can understand: autumn ends. A few like the incessant rains, and the icy wind carries a cold, people wrap themselves up in things warmer. Gloves appear on the hands, a cozy scarf leaves the long shelf of the cabinet.

Autumn days are like a marmot day: every morning the same picture. The leaves have already fallen, and there are only solitary trees with bare branches, that's why it's empty around, causing sadness. The sky becomes heavier, the sun gradually disappears from view. Heat-loving birds gather in flocks and together go where nature will not be so severe to them, to southern cities and countries.

But even late autumn, with its gray tones, inspired writers of all time.

Remember at least Pushkin, who loved her more than other seasons and evaluated on the merits. He wrote about it like this: "The days of late autumn are usually scolded." And indeed, the gusty wind easily removes hats from passers-by, trying to take an umbrella from their hands. All around the slush. Few people would like to leave a warm house in this weather. Only true connoisseurs of roads gloomy landscape.

The patrons of the summer feel a sudden sadness in the fall. Passers-by become pensive, thoughts are scattered and concentrated in the stream of thoughts is difficult: the degeneration of nature affects man as a part of it.

Endless rains are interrupted on rare warm days. The air before the first snow is surprisingly clean, you can walk in a light coat and without a hat, feel the relaxed nature of autumn, its comfort, hospitality. At nights the withered grass is clamped with hoarfrost, rare snowflakes fly by. With impatience, everyone is waiting for the change of gray colors to crystal white snow, when reality turns into a fairy tale. But while November has all the rights and influence, there is time to prepare for the coming of winter, to finish the business started.

In the late autumn, we are all preparing for bed, like nature. Fenced off from the bustle, you can rest for a long time over a mug of tea and surrounded by favorite books, watch the flying drops of rain, and then - for the long-awaited snow appeared.

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