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TOPIC: WEATHER AND SEASONS. ECOLOGY / Высказывания задание 2, задание 3 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

ntroduction: The world environment means what is around us: the air we breath, the soil in which we stand, the water we drink. It is traditionally divided into four seasons.

– Which of the four seasons is your favourite? Why?

As for me, I adore summer. Firstly, it is warm so you don’t have to wear much clothes. Secondly, summer holidays are the longest.

– How the Earth’s climate has changed recently?

Nowadays more and more people begin to worry about environmental problems.

Water pollution, air pollution are destroying the Earth’s climate. All these problems seriously threaten environment.

– Do you trust the weather forecast? Why?

It is difficult to imagine our life without forecasts. As for me, I don’t trust them. Weathermen often tell us wrong predictions, and I got into trouble because of it a several times. In my opinion, using barometer is better.

– Do you agree with the provers ‘There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes’?

I definitely agree with the proverb ‘There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes’. If you are dressed according to the weather, even a shower rain won’t be a trouble for you. But wrong clothes may spoil even a good weather for you.

– What do you usually do when it’s nasty and cold?

Weather can’t be nice every day. In the days of nasty and cold weather I adore sitting under the covers and watching films. In addition, hot tea seem especially tasty in such weather.

– Why do people worry about environmental problems today?

The unhealthy and polluted world of today makes people realise the importance of saving the environment. Many rivers and lakes are poisoned because of the industrial waste. Atmosphere in cities is polluted by cars. Polluted air causes diseases and even death.

– What is the most serious environmental problem in the place where you live?

In my opinion, the most serious environmental problem in Moscow is air pollution. The poisoned air goes up, mixes up with rain and returns to the earth as the acid rain. Moreover, many scientists think that ozone holes are the result of the air pollution.

– What can young people do to improve the ecological situation?

Nowadays even a little child should understand that there is something that any person can do to protect the environment. Everybody can use a bicycle instead of a car to reduce air pollution. Furthermore, one can save energy by turning off the lights when leaving a room.

Conclusion: All in all, the protection of the environment is a task which requires great efforts by humanity. All states ought to join efforts to save the Earth from an ecological catastrophe.


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