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An early choice of the future career (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There are many controversial questions about the benefits of an early decision about the future career. Some people think that it guarantees youngsters a success while others suppose that it is not so advantageous. Both sides have their reasons to think like that. Let me consider them.

To my view, making a career choice early is very useful for children and teenagers. Firstly, it gives them more opportunities to reach their goals. If you know about your future job early, you have a lot of time to read literature about this kind of job and pay more attention for school subjects which your future university and career path require. Secondly, making decision about your future specialization in childhood makes your life less stressful.

Person who is confident about his future does not worry before entering the university because he is sure that his decision is right.

On the other hand, some people guess that knowing about your future career early is not so useful. For example, they say that it does not allow people to broaden their minds and search for other jobs which can be even more suitable for them. If you know about your future path, you do not pay enough attention for lessons that you do not need for it. As a result, you limit your opportunities.

However, I disagree with this viewpoint. I suppose that open-minded people will never stop learning something new from different fields of knowledge.

To sum up, there are discussions about the use of an early choice of career but I still think that it is very beneficial.


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