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Should people be rude to each other - that's the question that N. Teffi is discussing. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Should people be rude to each other - that's the question that N. Teffi is discussing.

In this text, the author tells about how rude the husband treated his wife. Yes, I understand that he had just suffered typhus, so "his wife wandered around the old man like a quivering bird". Every morning she beat his pillow, "plaid a rug", heated the milk, and for all her care, affection and tenderness, he answered angrily and discontentedly.

The writer with indignation says that a woman does not deserve such an attitude to herself. One day my husband insulted his wife so much that she "swallowed the air with difficulty, clasped her hands tightly to her chest and looked around with such pain and with such despair that she was looking for help." Nobody said a malicious old man a word, "only a little boy sitting at a nearby table and seeing this scene suddenly shut his eyes and bitterly bitterly wept."

The position of the author is easy to determine. She believes that such an attitude of people to each other is unacceptable. We should not respond rudely to all the care and tenderness that people show to us.

I can not disagree with the opinion of the author. Indeed, in our time, unfortunately, a lot of native people treat each other roughly. We must reconsider our attitude. This was repeatedly written by many writers and publicists.

DS Likhachev "In letters about the good and beautiful" said that "an evil and evil reaction to the surrounding, rudeness and misunderstanding of others is a sign of spiritual and spiritual weakness, human inability to live ...". The scientist gives advice on how to avoid a person being rude: be more reserved, not so emotionally react to the words of the interlocutor, put yourself in his place.

On the Internet, on the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda, I found an article about an 80-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, who was accused of stealing at the Magnit store. The cashier called the police, the siege, after experiencing the rudeness of people, died in the police station. That's what the rude attitude of the staff led to!

Thus, people should not be rude to each other.

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